North Union FFA Captures District Crown in Rural Soils Competition, Urban Soils Runner-up

By Maggie Hall

The North Union FFA Chapter has yet again made a great triumph in the FFA soils Career Development Event. Along with the Rural soils CDE team, the North Union FFA had an Urban soils team. The teams placed 1st and 2nd respectfully in the District six FFA soils CDE. The Rural soils team placed first out 27 teams and the Urban team placed second out 21 teams. This is the first time since 2001 North Union has had a complete Urban soils team. The teams began there venture at the Hardin Northern Soils Invitational September 19th. The North Union FFA took 17 members to participate in the practice round. The members were Madison Shawver, Kelsea Marvin, Mikaela Ramsey, Claire Wolfe, Josie Stimmell, Micaela Schilling, Shelby Brown, Hannah Gilliam, Taylor Daum, Taylor Bahan, Mike Plotner, Justin Gravatt, Nic Price, Nick Hamilton, Austin Davis, Lincoln Davis and Fallon Ingles. The Urban and Rural Soils Career Development Events educates FFA members on how soil is evaluated for crop production and house development. FFA members evaluate the soil and determine the grade and its best potential use. The FFA members measure the slope, erosion, depth of topsoil, texture of surface soil, depth of soil, natural drainage, class of the soil, land class determination, best land use determination, and recommended conservation practices of the soil.

The top four team members from each area from the Hardin Northern Invitational advanced on to the District Six contest held at the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio on September the 24th. The Rural Soils team consisted of Taylor Bahan; who placed 6th individually out of 102 individuals, Mike Plotner; placed 13th, Justin Gravatt; placed 16th, and Nic Price; placed 17th. The Urban soils team consisted of Madison Shawver; who place 2 out of 75 individuals, Claire Wolfe; placed 7th, Mikaela Ramsey; placed 12th, and Kelsea Marvin; placed 28th. The teams advanced to the State contest held on October 12th in a later determined location.