Invitational Milk Quality and Products CDE Results

Total number of participating teams and individuals, if available, are represented in parenthesis.
Individuals are ordered by rank, if shown, then alphabetically.

YearInvitationalTeam Rank Individuals Individual Rank
2019Ashland8th (20)Audra Adams
Amanda Adams
Evie Carter
Crystal Wood
15th (83)
2016Ashland10th (22)Audra Adams
Lindsay Everhart
Madison Smith
2016Miami Trace11th (20)Zachary Cordial
Lindsay Everhart
Madison Smith
2007Ashland15th (22)Elizabeth DePriest
Brandon Lowe
Laken Meddles
Tyne Powers
2018Ashlandn/aMadison Amstutz
Sydney Bacon
2018Miami Tracen/aAudra Adams
2017Ashlandn/aGrason Ingles
Jessica Wolfe
2017Miami Tracen/aAudra Adams
Sydney Bacon
2014Miami Tracen/aNoah Baldwin