2019 Invitational CDE Results

Total number of participating teams and individuals, if available, are represented in parenthesis.
Individuals are ordered by rank, if shown, then alphabetically.

InvitationalCDETeam Rank Individuals Individual Rank
AshlandAgronomy1st (8)Avery Zwayer
Kaylee Smith
Joel Krebehenne
Dean Wolfe
1st (31)
2nd (31)
4th (31)
8th (31)
AshlandEquine Managementn/aHayleigh Degood
Garrett Padovano
McKenna Thomae
AshlandMilk Quality and Products8th (20)Audra Adams
Amanda Adams
Evie Carter
Crystal Wood
15th (83)
AshlandNature Interpretationn/aAbby Chadwick
Sarah Chadwick
Garrett Schilling
4th (35)
11th (35)
AshlandPoultry Managementn/aCammie Shenkle
Miami TraceAgronomyn/aKaylee Smith1st (52)
WilmingtonAgronomyn/aAvery Zwayer
Kaylee Smith
Joel Krebehenne
2nd (37)
4th (37)
6th (37)