District Urban Soils CDE

Total number of participating teams and individuals, if available, are represented in parenthesis.
Individuals are ordered by rank, if shown, then alphabetically.

Year  Team RankIndividuals Individual Rank
20151st (22)Claire Wolfe
Madison Shawver
Mikaela Ramsey
Kelsea Marvin
2nd (82)
3rd (82)
7th (82)
20142nd (21)Madison Shawver
Kelsea Marvin
Mikaela Ramsey
Claire Wolfe
2nd (75)
19993rd (23)Becky Brill
Cathy Brill
Ryan Bugg
Bethany Davis
20006th (20)Cathy Brill
Bethany Davis
Jarrod Davis
T.J. Rockenbaugh
202017th (21)Bailee Amstutz
Justin North
Mack Plotner
Garrett Schilling
Ronnie Schilling
2011n/aJustin Gravatt
2007n/aJacci Erwin
2001n/aCathy Brill
Mark Bugg
Jarrod Davis