State Urban Soils CDE

Total number of participating teams and individuals, if available, are represented in parenthesis.
Individuals are ordered by rank, if shown, then alphabetically.

Year  Team RankIndividuals Individual Rank
201528th (49)Kelsea Marvin
Mikaela Ramsey
Madison Shawver
Claire Wolfe
201413th (49)Madison Shawver
Kelsea Marvin
Mikaela Ramsey
Claire Wolfe
12th (182)
199820th (48)Becky Brill
Cathy Brill
Ryan Bugg
Bethany Davis
199552nd (57)Joe Brill
Josh Hall
Krystal Stinemetz
199317th (59)J.B. Beckett
Joyce Carpenter
Mike Mayers
199242nd (55)Joyce Carpenter
Kari Krebehenne
Stephanie Steele
199139th (55)Christie Borland
Joyce Carpenter
Jennifer Swartz
19853rd (52)Alan Baker
Minnie Carpenter
Juan Sandusky
19836th (45)Alan Baker
Richard Drumm
Juan Sandusky
Rick Young